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Jann Paxton To Solo Exhibit In San Diego

June 5th, 2012

Jann Paxton To Solo Exhibit In San Diego

Artist, Jann Paxton to solo exhibit in San Diego

This Friday, June 8th 2012 Mom’s Priority Pharmacy will be hosting the first public exhibition of the illustrative and graphic paintings by Jann Paxton. The exhibit will be split into 2 separate groupings, each to show for 1 month. The June grouping Paxton has titled, “Black And White And Red All Over “ and focuses on ink on watercolor paper glyphs and modern expressionist acrylic portraits and figure paintings. The second group called, “Postcards from Wander-land” is slated for the month of July and will be largely comprised of landscape, scene paintings and 1-off prints of iconic images realized from the artist’s years of touring as an award-winning singer-songwriter.

If you read Jann Paxton’s full bio, he seems like a cross between David Copperfield and Jay Gatsby. Orphaned by 12 and not wanting to be in state custody or family, Paxton left a provincial lifestyle behind and set out on a series...