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El Cajon, CA


Throughout his 30sum years working in the Arts, Jann Paxton has been written about in scores of magazines and newspapers covering various areas of popular culture including mens fashion, theater, dance and music. Of his design talents, it was evidenced in the menswear collections he designed under his "PAXTON" label for stores across America including Macy's, Barney's, and Bergdorf-Goodman. He also created one-of-a-kind clothing for discerning gent' like David Bowie, Andy Warhol, John Kennedy Jr. and Kip Forbes.
In 1990 Jann met industry legend Nat Weiss who had fostered the careers of artists including the Beatles, James Taylor, and Cat Stevens. Weiss was impressed with Paxton's raw, powerful voice and songwriting abilities and re-opened his Nemperor label to release cds by Paxton. Paxton's Eponymous titled album was a definite success and Paxton spent the next decade touring and recording. Regarding his singing and songwriting abilities, Billboard called Paxton "far more clever and intelligent than his most of his major label contemporaries."

In 2001 Paxton retired from the grueling lifestyle of the music industry and cast himself to the winds of uncertainty. He eventually landed at NYC legendary artist's den, The Chelsea Hotel where circumstance and an embarrassingly increasing lack of funds caused Jann to pick up a paintbrush and start using the years of experiences to create the images in his now growing collection of paintings and digital images.

"I paint because I'm too poor to travel and too much of a hermit to do community service. All humor aside, I never realized how much I loved visual arts. When you have talents in more than one area, it’s easy to overlook one's true calling. In the past I've been lucky to have recognized opportunities for utilizing my abilities however, I never felt completely satisfied. Not so pleasant circumstances stripped me of my past and sort of guided me towards the work I am doing now. I live each day in gratitude."

I especially love to paint portraits. I sort of fall in love with most subjects I paint and direct focus on the most visually appealing aspects of their images. For me, people exist outside of time, age and circumstance. Like a film director, I cast the subject in a particular role and then work to exploit their image to an iconic result. In essence, the subject becomes the paint and my personal interpretation results as the painting. I like to insert my dogs into many of my paintings because I believe that animals have innate visual nobility and for me, (more effectively than cherubs) attest to the existence of God. I particularly love dogs and would be hard pressed to visualize a painting that couldn't be made more appealing by the inclusion of a puppy... or cat. I believe unique insights into our own humanity are often realized by trying to see ourselves through the eyes of an animal."


Sophia Loren 1 by Jann Paxton


Blue Blood by Jann Paxton


Hey Dude by Jann Paxton


The Rescuers by Jann Paxton


Prince Augustin by Jann Paxton


Rendition by Jann Paxton


Man Rat by Jann Paxton


Brothers by Jann Paxton


Icon by Jann Paxton


A Bond Girl by Jann Paxton


River of Joy by Jann Paxton


Cell Core 1 by Jann Paxton


Carnival by Jann Paxton


The Awakening by Jann Paxton


O Town Oprah by Jann Paxton


Annette of the Night by Jann Paxton


Gold Fish by Jann Paxton


Birthday Cookie by Jann Paxton


Barbie's Superstar Dream Vacation by Jann Paxton


New York Heros by Jann Paxton


You Are What You Eat 4 by Jann Paxton


You Are What You Eat 3 by Jann Paxton


You Are What You Eat 2 by Jann Paxton


What You Eat 1 by Jann Paxton


Help Baby 1 by Jann Paxton


Pelican Grief by Jann Paxton


Rest In Grease by Jann Paxton


The Last Mermaid by Jann Paxton


HMS Surprise by Jann Paxton


The Mellow Yellow by Jann Paxton


My Right Foot by Jann Paxton


My Left Foot by Jann Paxton


Woman on a Chaise Lounge by Jann Paxton


Cafe Vincent by Jann Paxton


Charlie Wants A Bath by Jann Paxton


Sun Goddess by Jann Paxton


Pride and Change by Jann Paxton


Bedtime Tails by Jann Paxton


Drag Queen Helen by Jann Paxton


Sexy Margaret 1 by Jann Paxton


Midnight Margaret by Jann Paxton


Painting Johnny Depp by Jann Paxton


Schengen Castle by Jann Paxton


The Chelsea Hotel by Jann Paxton


Boy In A Black Sweater detail by Jann Paxton


The Last Twinkie by Jann Paxton


The Other White Meat by Jann Paxton


Winter Baby 2 by Jann Paxton